There is an obsession with grades in schools today. Not only from students but also from teachers. Many students are given clear instructions on what to accomplish and what tasks to do in order to get a specific grade. If the only goal when being in school is to get a good grade, I have a hard time seeing students develop an interest for learning. Without a genuine interest, students will not learn as well as they could and the chances of them continuing studying on high-level are slim.

Teachers should instead focus on activating students with tasks designed to encourage collaboration and research. If students are being active, the teacher can guide his students’ activity so that the students develop important skills for the learning process itself. Students who have learned how to learn, will have an interesting time learning more, and this is a key factor if students are to develop an interest for the subject.

Students who have developed the necessary skills to learn and possess a genuine interest for the subject will most likely test well and as a natural result acquire good grades. Good grades will of course be rewarding for students, but be of less importance than knowing that they have improved their skills and gained knowledge for life.


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Focus on learning and not the grades

One thought on “Focus on learning and not the grades

  • November 23, 2016 at 18:20

    I agree with you. But I also think that giving the criteria for grades beforehand, and the criteria for the highest grades will be that they have learnt how to learn, and actively have been taking part in the learning process and discussions that develop their skills of learning, shows them what they should focus on.

    As long as the system is like this, that you need good grades to enter the next level, I guess the pupils and students will keep focusing on grades, and what we can do is change the criteria for grades. As an example, to get the highest grades, you should also be able to explain to others, and discuss with others, what you have learnt.


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